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Visual Scheduler

Visual Scheduler

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Visual Scheduler

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The Draw Generator takes a lot of pain out of creating your draws. However, it is inevitable that there will be some fixtures the Draw Generator could not schedule. Whether it is due to grounds capacity or other reasons you always end up scheduling some of the fixtures manually. Traditionally manual adjustments to fixtures have been done in a "text" mode as described in draws updates. This process is fine for one-off adjustments but if you need to make a decision as to the most suitable match start times as well as fields to use then the "text" mode is not the most efficient way of going about the job. Instead, you should employ the Visual Scheduler to help you with your task.


As you can see from the screen below, fixtures are displayed as rectangles where the size represents the match duration. The data selection panel on the top gives you flexibility to display either all fixtures or only fixtures you are interested in. If you hover the mouse pointer over a fixture a tool tip will show the fixture details.




The basics


When the VS is started the following default settings are applied:


1.Hide unused fields

For response times and data legibility reasons, fields/venues with no games are hidden. This enables you to have a quick review of your fixtures without having to scroll up and down empty rows.


2.Date From/To

The default starting date for the display is the current date and the end date is the current date + 90 days.


3.Other selection options are available to narrow/expand the data for display.


Note:    After having made your selections press the “Refresh Scheduler” button  to execute your search and display the schedule!


Field closures are also displayed so you do not schedule matches accident on unavailable fields.


Dragging & Dropping a selected fixture updates the schedule data immediately. Irrespective of whether or not a fixture has been already published on Internet (iCompMan iData), it is automatically unpublished (taken off the Internet) until you run the “Publish fixtures” routine.




Scheduling Draw Generator conflicts/Unscheduled fixtures


You cannot drag a record from the Draw Conflicts table to the VS. Instead, you should first find a suitable field and then, using the “Schedule” update button, enter the field and time as required.


Note:     You can also scroll the schedule in the background while the fixture update form is opened.


The program will validate your entry and it will give you an error if you enter data conflicting with and existing fixture. When you save your entry, the fixture will be highlighted in the VS.




The function of the clipboard is to avoid having to drag a fixture down the pages until a suitable field is found. In fact the “drag”  function works only within the display boundaries.

If you need to move a fixture to a field/time slot outside the display area do the following:


-Click on the fixture. The “X” icon shows up in the top right hand corner of the fixture box.
-Click on the “X” icon. The fixture will be moved to the “Clipboard” table on the bottom of the page.
-Scroll down/up the schedule until you see a suitable field/time slot.
-Use the ”Schedule” button to update the fixture as required. Again, the updated fixture will be highlighted in the VS.


Obviously you can move several fixtures to the clipboard before applying your schedule changes.


Use the “Remove from Clipboard” button if you wish to return a fixture to the schedule without any changes.


Note:Fixtures left on the Clipboard when exiting the Visual Scheduler will be automatically returned to the schedule without changes.










-When rescheduling fixtures by using drag & drop the match kick-off time is rounded off to the nearest 5 minutes.
-When you drag a fixture over and existing one, the program allows such a schedule. This is perhaps not desirable in most cases but in some situations it is required. I have recent examples of such conditions from one association and the VS has to cater for it. Therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that such scheduling is acceptable by you.