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Configuration - Tournaments

Configuration - Tournaments

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Configuration - Tournaments

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Not all competitions are based on the Round-Robin paradigm so using the "Tournament" option enables you to create any type of competition. With some minor exceptions the system handles all competitions the same way. Therefore you can still use the same tools whether managing Tournaments or Round-Robin competitions. By the same token you'll have to have in place a calendar and at least one entry in the Age Groups/Divisions. You can either use the same age group and division codes as used in Round-Robin competitions or you can create different codes to reflect the type of competition you wish to set up.


Note:You'll still have to run the Draw Generator in order to create fixtures/draws and to be able to enter results!




Change Draw Priority- defines the scheduling priority when generating draws using the Draw Generator


Copy        - new competition structures (w/o teams) can be easily created based on an existing competition


Assign Templates        - assign draw templates en masse . It is advisable to create draw templates for "tournament" competitions.


Update tournament structures with assigned templates

         - creates a tournament structures based on templates assigned even if actual teams are not yet known


Update tournament structures with teams

         - assign teams based on the tournament structure/rules

Teams        - this page displays a tournament structure. Teams are defined by the assigned template/rule but can also be        entered manually



A match update form:



This routine offers several options. For example you can nominate a particular field and/or match start time if you wish. On the other hand you can leave it up to the Draw Generator which will use the default settings in your system.


Teams can be nominated in 3 different ways:


 1. Qualified from a previous match, either as a winner or a looser.

 2. Qualified form another competition based on the rank.

 3. Manually assigned.


The program validates the "Round/Date" entry against a competition calendar assigned to the age group/division.


Note:If not already defined in the nominated "calendar", users can overwrite the "Round name" to be more descriptive, i.e. semi-final, final, grand final etc.


bulbAs already mentioned you'll have to run the Draw Generator in order to convert your tournament structures into a draw.


Note:Draws/fixtures will be created only for matches with both teams being known.