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Teams & Players

Teams & Players

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Teams & Players

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The program maintains lists of Teams/Players, including coaches, managers, etc. These can be updated automatically by the program whenever a registration record is being updated or imported. Obviously the lists can be updated manually. In such situation the corresponding registration record will be updated accordingly. If you wish the program to maintain the Team/Players lists automatically you'll have to switch the function in the System Configuration.



Add/Remove team members


To add/remove players click the "Add/Remove Team Members" button. By default the program displays only the names of unallocated members, i.e. members who do not have assigned a team to them yet. You can show all members by selecting the "All" option. Also you can filter the selection list by age group and division.


You can select multiple names from the selection list and then click the "Add" button.




If you wish to remove a member from the team click the "Team members" table first. Then select a name (or multiple names) and click the "Remove" button.



Transfer Members


You can transfer members to different teams. You can select multiple records for a transfer.


One records selected



Multiple records selected