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Team Codes

Team Codes

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Team Codes

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Every club can have unlimited number of teams. The Team Codes table is a list of teams which should reflect your registrations data and/or your competitions requirements.


The Team Codes can be rolled over from one season to the next - see Season data Rollover for more details. Rolling over your Team Codes will save you time when preparing for new season.



Auto_build Team/Player lists


 This routine will update the Team/Player lists for each team code assigned to members in the Season Registrations.

 Note:  It is not necessary to be used if the global settings for this function is turned on in the System Configuration.


Purge unused Teams


 This routine will delete (de-activate) team codes not used in the season registrations and season competitions.


Team Code- a unique code is required        

 bulbA Team Code should have some meaning for easier reading of screens and reports.


Name- if not entered, a Club's name is used by the system as default


Age Group- an age group the team belongs to


Division- a division (grade) the team plays in


Team ID/Colour- A Club can have more than one team in the same Age Group/Division competition.

                 To differentiate the teams, an additional identifier is required.

                 (Example: Red, Blue, A, B, 1,2 etc.)


Team Gender- used by the Statistics module


Preferred Field- a team can be assigned a preferred home field


Field is required- this option will instruct the Draw Generator to schedule the team's home matches only on the preferred field. Obviously we can not guarantee that there is going to be available time slot on a day.


Home ground Kick-off - the Draw Generator will use only this as the start time for the team's home ground matches


Team Seed No.- used by the Competitions setup when populating a particular competition with teams