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System Configuration

System Configuration

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System Configuration

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The System Configuration file includes default global values used in the system.


Data Controls



Data maintenance of the key data definitions must be controlled in order to eliminate data duplications as well as to ensure overall data integrity. Therefore we need to instruct the system who (what level of our organization) has the responsibility for maintaining the key data in the system.


An "Association" is the governing body and a "Club" is its subsidiary/member. In the above example the "Association" is responsible for controlling data definitions for the tables listed in the System Configuration and Clubs can only use the data values available to them. This would be a standard configuration in situations where an Association controls a competition.


In addition to controlling the key data tables you can also enforce rules related to member registrations after a registration has been accepted by the governing body.


Registrations Parameters



In this section you can setup parameters used by the Registrations module.


Use FFA Registration numbers- the program maintains its own (internal) registration numbers. It also accepts registration        numbers created in external system. In our example the "FFA" (Football Federation of Australia) numbers will be used by the system in place of the internal numbers. This option can be applied to any external numbers' source, not just FFA.


Build Team/Player lists automatically

  - the program will automatically create team and player team sheets based on registration data, namely assigned age groups and divisions (grades).


Assign Registration Fees automatically

 - providing that you have set-up registration fees the program will automatically assign fees when registering members. See Registration Fees for more details.

 Fees can be based on the actual age of a member of on the age group the member is registered under.



Required Entry Fields- Required files are identified on the registrations update screen either by the field names being displayed in red or by a red dot in case of "field groups" (such as address entry fields).


Competitions Parameters




Default Competition- this parameter should reflect your current competition as it is used by the public page iCompMan iData


iData link- use this URL to embed the iCompMan iData in your website page