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Suspension Rules

Suspension Rules

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Suspension Rules

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Suspension Rules define suspension penalties for receiving yellow and/or red cards. Each offence represents a number of points (usually just 1). Providing that you are using the Protest & Disputes module, these points are being added up by the program and when a player reaches a particular number of points, the program will alert the data entry operator of a new suspension.




The rules in the above example translate to:


 - when a player accumulates 5 caution cards in a season he/she will be suspended for 1 match

 - when a player accumulates 8 caution cards in a season he/she will be suspended for 2 matches


Suspension rule update form:



Note:Suspension rules should be defined for both, Cautions as well as Dismissals


bulb Match suspension = 99 will result in a player being put on indefinite suspension (until a decision is being reached)



Suspensions are checked and automatically updated by the program every time a fixture is being rescheduled or cancelled. The total cards count routine checks offences for a player across all competitions. If you do not wish to carry over offences from a particular competition you have to define a rule with the specific competition selected in the "Competition" drop-down box. Otherwise leave this entry blank.