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SMS Account maintenance

SMS Account maintenance

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SMS Account maintenance

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There are 3 levels of SMS accounts:


-Association - applies only to users at association level
-Club - applies only to users at club level
-Personal – applies to all users


Examples of using different account levels:


1.Association account – the association pays         

You want the system to send automatically generated notifications of draw changes to coaches and managers on their mobile phones

You want to be able to send SMS messages to ad-hoc groups of recipients during the season

Note: You can give access to this account to a selected group of association’s users


2.Club account – the club pays

- A club can create an account and give access to it to a selected group of club’s users


3.Personal account – individual users pay


4.Users can maintain their own SMS accounts – neither the association or club pay for these messages


Note: A user may have access to both account options. For example an association user can have access to the association account as well as his/hers personal account. In such cases the system would record messages sent against the association’s account unless the credit account is exhausted, in which case such messages will be recorded against the user’s personal account.


To activate the SMS services for your users you need to authorize each user. See System data/Security-User accounts. By default all users are authorized to use the SMS service and the “Personal Account” option is pre-selected. You can modify this as required.


To create a SMS account, as well as to see purchase and usage history, go to “Messaging/SMS Account maintenance”.


In the example below the user has access to the Personal account only. The system requires a Sender ID which is going to be displayed as the “sender” on the recipient’s mobile. This does not need to be an actual mobile number. Users can also receive email and/or SMS alerts (free of charge) should their SMS credit balance fall below the nominated threshold.


To purchase SMS credits click on the “Buy SMS Credits” button.



Selecting the “Purchase and Usage history” tab gives users access to their account purchase and usage history.




Users can print Tax Invoices for their purchases as shown below.


Example of a Tax Invoice:


Purchases are processed via PayPal safe payment gateway. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account as credit card payments are accepted.




Example of the PayPal payment page: