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Security/User Accounts

Security/User Accounts

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Security/User Accounts

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The program provides Program Access and Data Maintenance security options which you can set up and modify to your specific requirements. You can control who has access to the program as well as who can access and /or maintain data in various modules. For example you can have a user or group of users who are authorized to enter/update match results whilst not being  authorized to make any changes to the draws.


The program controls access to various parts of the system based on privileges/restrictions defined under “User Groups”. You will therefore assign an appropriate "User Group" to each user login account.





Authority Level- defines whether the user belongs to an association or a club. If you select “Club” as the authority level then you will have to select a club from the Club drop-down box.


Position- describes the person’s overall role


User Group- this option is very important as it defines access rights/restrictions for the user


Authorized to maintain User Accounts

 - this option is also very important and should be given only to selected few users


Authorized to send emails

 - email service is free for all authorized users. See Messaging for more details.


Authorized to send SMS

 - SMS (mobile phone text messaging) email service is available by subscription to authorized users. See SMS Account Maintenance for more details.

 Note: Users can create their own (private) accounts or share the club's (or association's) account




The User Group definition is the most important and should be managed carefully.


Apart from assigning access levels to the different Program Modules  you can also restrict/allow data maintenance of the listed data tables.


Note:The Program Module Access options may be limited depending on the user own privileges. For example if the user creating new User Group has “View only” access to “Competitions” module then the only option available in the corresponding selection box will be “View only”.