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Page Types and Navigation

Page Types and Navigation

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Page Types and Navigation

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Each page normally displays a list of records from a data table. These records can be updated by calling an update form using the "update" (3) buttons. Depending on the type of data, other tools may also be available to the user.


Example of a standard data page





1.Data filters - display records matching the selected filters
2.Data links - display related data for the selected record
3.Update buttons - call an update form to add new record or to change/delete the selected record
4.Data sort - when clicked, data fill be sorted in that column's order
5.Data search - clicking on the "search" icon enables users to enter a search value in the column heading
6.Data export - displayed data can be exported to MS Excel, MS Word, PDF or XML
7.Close the page


Example of an Update Form


Update forms are used for data maintenance. Entry fields have a white background.




Selecting multiple records


Several pages in the system allow you to use the multiple records selection. Tables with this feature are identified by an icon in the top right-hand corner.




To select multiple records use one of these techniques:


1.Continuous block of records


- hold down the Shift key and click the first row

- click the last row and release the shift key




2. Random records


- hold down the Ctrl  key and click on record

- click other records while holding down the Ctrl key