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For results to be entered a valid fixture must exist in the system. When entering Results, the program automatically updates Point Tables. Existing results can be modified at any time and Point Tables will be automatically re-freshed.


Results can be updated using any of the following:


 - iMatchSheet

 - iScores

 - Manually


In this section we'll discuss the "manual" updates of results. For the other two options please follow the above links.




When entering scores manually we recommend to use the "Results note entered/validated" option.




Results update form


The program automatically loads player lists using the registrations data. By default all players are preselected by the program. Click the check box in the "Pl" column to unselect/select players. Players from other teams, subject to your own conditions, can be added by using the "Add Player" button.


Other details such as player goals, an offence etc. can also be recorded. Simply select a player and enter the data in the "Player" box.


bulbThe program maintains a comprehensive Players' Statistics and automatically updates the Offences module.


Forfeits        - in case of a forfeit, select the forfeiting team. Score is automatically entered by the program using the Points Allocations.


Under Dispute- results not validated and not included in Point Tables


No Points allocated - match is considered played but points have been allocated in Point Tables


No referee- used when no official referee was available