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The Registration module, as you would expect, provides tools for managing registrations of players, coaches, manager, referees, etc. There is no limit as to the registration types/categories.


Each registree is assigned a unique registration number by the program. The program also accepts external registration numbers - see System Configuration. The underlying design philosophy is that, once a person is registered, he/she will keep the assigned registration number for ever. As players move from one club to another they will always keep their original registration number. However, since the program maintains detailed registration movements for all registree's year in - year out, a complete player registration history is always at your finger tip.


It is anticipated that the actual registrations will take place at different venues at different times. Registration data can also be imported into iCompMan from external systems - see Registrations Import for more details. Registrations may be organized by individual clubs, however the final approval and perhaps issuing of registration cards, as well as other functions, can be managed by the responsible association/governing body.


iCompMan© offers comprehensive tools for managing registrations. Apart from maintaining basic data such as names, address, registration numbers, registration history you can also take photos for registration cards from within the application, print your own registration cards etc. Cards can be printed on any media, whether you are using plain paper or more durable plastic cards (like credit card).