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This page is the pivotal point for maintaining your registrations as well communications with your members.


The first page displays all of your registered members indicating the latest registration year. A person can have multiple registrations in one given season as long as these are for different registration categories. You can therefore see multiple records for the same member but with different Registration categories, i.e. as Player, Coach etc.


If the "Latest Reg. Year" for a selected member is not the current year then this indicates that the member has not yet re-registered with your club this year.




Data queries


In addition to the various data filters on the page we have included a number of data queries you may find useful. Use the "more Filters" option.




Data Export


There are 2 options to export data available on this page.


 1. The ad-hoc data export


 Only the data columns displayed in the table will be included in the data export.




 2. The custom MS Excel data export




 All data columns for the displayed record will be included in the data export.




User have the ability to send emails or mobile phone text messages to selected users. See Emails & SMS for more details.


Registration Steps


1. Re-registering an existing member


 - use the "search" tool in the "Surname" column to locate the member (enter a name of a part of and press Enter key)




 - when you have located the member record click on the "New Season Registration" button to re-register the member


2. Registering new members


 If you wish to register a new member who has not been registered in the system before, or simply you cannot find the member's record in the database, click the "Add brand new registration" button.


 bulbIrrespective of which of the above two options you choose, the program will always check if the person has an existing registration record        so you will never end-up with duplicates.        


The registration form displays a member's details or, in case of new members, it will prompt you to enter a Club, Surname, Given name, DOB and Registration Category before allowing you to proceed with the registration.






Apart from providing all the necessary registration information you can also upload a registration photo if required. Another option is to take a member's photo, for example when running a registration day from your club house. In order to take a photo you will need a  web cam connected to your computer.


Note:  You can also upload multiple photos using the Upload photos en masse tool.


Several of the entry fields on this form may be "required data entries". These are identified either by the entry field label being displayed in red or by a red dot. The required fields can be controlled in the System Configuration.


Entry Fields which are mandatory are:


 - Club

 - Registration category

 - Given name

 - Surname

 - D.O.B.


Additional Teams


A member can be registered with up to 5 teams. Use the "Additional Teams" button to add teams to a member.


Registration Authorized by Club


This will indicate to the association/governing body that the club has finalized the registration process for the member and confirms it as a valid season registration. This will normally be a trigger to the association/governing body to review and accept/refuse a member' registrations. It is therefore important that clubs do not authorize their members' registrations until all registration requirements have been met.


Note:Once a registration is authorized by a club data update restrictions may apply - see System Configuration/Registration parameters for more details.


Registration Authorized by Association


This will indicate the aassociation/governing body has accepted the registration.


Note:Once a registration is authorized by the aassociation/governing body data update restrictions may apply - see System Configuration/Registration parameters for more details.


Registration Active/Cancelled/Deregistered


Use this option if you wish to remove a season registration.


 Cancelled - this should be used to remove incorrect registrations

 Deregistered - use this option if you wish to keep record of members who originally registered with your club but pulled out as some later stage


Member other registrations


Each member can be registered in the system under different registration categories. This table allows you to check what other registrations a member has. It also allows you to switch between the different registration records without having to exit from the registration form. Furthermore it also enables you to add new registration for the member under a different category.




Personal Details - user definable data


Up to 10 generic fields (alphanumeric) are available to users to records and maintain other information not catered fro in the registration form.




Registration Payments


Payments of registration fees as well as other services/goods can be recorded using the "Fees & Payments" option.




Registration Fee- the program will try to find a matching fee for the member providing Registration Fees are defined and this option is turned on in the System Configuration


Fee Discount- Discounts can be expressed as percentage of the standard fee or as an $ amount.


Discount Reason- It is good practice to keep brief information on the reasons for the a registration fee discount.


Payments- You can create/update registration fee payments - see Payments for more details


Registrations History


The program maintains registration history and counts total as well as continuous years of service. If you wish to adjust the totals for the years of registrations not recorder in the iCompMan system you can use the "Adjustment" entry fields.