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Registration Fees

Registration Fees

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Registration Fees

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The registration module allows you to setup registration fees. Fees can be based on the actual age of a member of on the age group the member is registered under. You have to decide which option you wish to use and update the Register Configuration accordingly.


1. Create a Registration Fee Group.


A  Fee Group identifies a Registration Fee for an Age (actual Age) or an Age Group, Professional status, Gender (optional) and Pay or Charge. You can have an unlimited number of Fee groups.




When setting up fees firs you have to create a fee descriptor (group).

Fees based on actual age



Fee Code- enter a code for this fee group. You should always use a unique code for each individual group.


Age From/To- the age range for this fee group


Professional Status- select a registration category this fee group applies to


Junior/Senior rate- see the System Configuration to setup the Junior/Senior age limits


Fees based on assigned age group




This type of fees is based on the age group assigned to a member.

Fee amount


After a fee descriptor has been created you can build a fee structure. Each Registration Fee may comprise of several cost components. There is no limit as to how many components a registration fee can have.



Fee Description- enter a description for this fee component


GST- if a Tax applies to the fee component, select a GST percentage


Displ. seq.- used to display fee components in a particular order