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Emails & SMS

Emails & SMS

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Emails & SMS

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The iCompMan© messaging module offers users to email and/ or send mobile phone text messages (SMS) to individuals as well as groups of people.


You can access these tools from the Register page.





- Recipients addresses are, by default, copied to the "Bcc" box for confidentiality reasons.

- Multiple attachments can be added to an email message

- messages can be archived




SMS (mobile phone text messages)


In order to be able to send SMS message a user has to subscribe to the iCompMan SMS service. See Messaging/SMS Account maintenance for more details.


The standard message can have up to 160 characters. The maximum characters allowed is 306 per message. Messages with more than 160 characters will send in 2 parts and charged as 2 messages. Messages exceeding 306 characters will be truncated.