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Tables Formula

Tables Formula

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Tables Formula

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Different formulas can be used to calculate Point Tables. Formulas are assigned to Points Definitions so you can apply different rules to individual competitions and/or age groups.



A "Tables Formula" defines how point tables are to be be calculated.


Tables Formula update form:



Each "Tables Formula" can use different Point/Goals Allocation rules. At least one Point/Goals Allocation must be defined.



Points Allocation update form:


bulbIf you want to assign different points based on an Age Group then you must select an Age Group. Leaving the Age Group blank will create a default Points Allocations which will apply to all Age groups unless defined otherwise.


bulbNormally "Byes" are not included in Point tables. However you can select:

         - to include bye matches in the total matches played

         - assign points even for "Byes" using the "Assign Points for Win" option


bulbPoint tables can be recalculated after making changes to the Points Allocation rules by clicking the "Recalculate Points Tables" button.