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Offences are recorded on a player/season/competition basis. Suspensions can be brought over into the next season if required.




AR        - offence records marked "AR" must be authorized by the association/governing body

Offence update form:


Offences can be recorded against a registered member or a club.


Each offence entry is validated by the program using the Suspension Rules. If a suspension should be enforced, the program displays a message to this effect. The user can override suggested suspensions if required.



Suspensions are checked and automatically updated by the program every time a fixture is being rescheduled or cancelled. In situations were the number of suspended matches exceeds the number of remaining matches (the player's team) in the schedule such a suspension will be marked "AR" and will have to be reviewed by the association/governing body as to the suspension end date.


Suspension Start/End dates can be locked by using the "Lock the Sentence Start/End dates" options. Such suspensions will not be changed by any program routines.


If a Referee Report was submitted this can be view by clicking the "Referee's Report" button.




Offences can be referred to a judiciary hearing by selecting a committee and next hearing date. If a Judiciary meeting schedule has been created then the corresponding meeting agenda will be updated with the case. See Judiciary for more details.


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Currently there are 2 main forms which can be generated for each offence. These are:


 - Player Notice of Offer

 - Citation Notice