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This module provides you with the tools for scheduling your disciplinary committees' meetings and maintenance of meeting agendas and meeting minutes.


Main features


oMeeting schedules for various meeting committees such as P&D, Judiciary, Appeal etc.
oThe program automatically creates meeting agendas based on data entries in “Offences”
oAgenda items can be created manually as well
oRecord meeting attendees , update sentence details etc.
oGenerate/print “Meeting Minutes” and “Notices of Decision”  as required


The Meeting Agenda list is automatically populated by the program. You can add items to the agenda manually as well.



Create a meeting schedule


1.Click on the “New” button under the “Meetings table.
2.Enter a meeting detail. For recurring meetings this would be your first meeting in the schedule which can be then replicated using the “Create Recurring Meetings” button.

The Period cover From/To indicates what offence records will be automatically added to the meeting agenda if the option to “Include Dismissals is selected.


Note: Dismissals entered via Competitions/Offences and not marked to appear at a committee will be ignored by this routine.



Once you have saved the “first” meeting you can create a schedule using the “Create Recurring Meetings” function. 



Update/Create a meeting agenda


In most cases you will be just maintaining/updating the items on the list populated by the program. The update page is similar to the Offences update page and all the common data between these two sections are updated interactively.




When creating/adding a new agenda item manually you have the option to:


-Select an existing offence record
-Create a case against a club
-Create a general “Other” case






There are 2 reports you can generate:

-Meeting minutes
-Notice of Decision