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iScores - online Scores update

iScores - online Scores update

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iScores - online Scores update

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The iScores module is another way of recording match results. It is primarily designed for use by clubs who do not use the iMatchSheet module.


When opening this page the program loads upcoming matches (then next round) for the nominated club. Other default display options are controlled by the System Configuration/Competition.


To update a score, select the fixture and enter the result in the box as highlighted in this example. After the entry is confirmed the program automatically selects the next fixture in the list. Use the "Home/Away Team forfeited" check boxes to enter a match forfeit.


Associations can control when a score can no longer be changed by a club (see System Configuration/Competition). If this option is activated then score entries made outside the cut-off date can no longer be changed by clubs. Only registered association members have the option to change such entries.



If both clubs are required to enter match results and the entries do not match then the result is 'flagged' and the entry can be modified by clubs even if it is already outside the cut-off date. Disputed score entries do not update Point Tables.