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Data Import Errors

Data Import Errors

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Data Import Errors

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Data import errors detected during the import are stored in a temporary data file which can be accessed from the Data Import Errors page.


The most common errors are misspelled names, incorrect date of birth and duplicate registrations. A brief error descriptions is displayed in the Error column.


bulbIf you wish to remove multiple records from the "Errors" list, select the records using the multi-select technique and then click the "Delete" button.


 You can also update the registration table for all the selected records using either the "Update existing ..." or "Add the selected ..." buttons.

 Warning!  Choose carefully which of the two update options you select as incorrect choice may result in register duplicates.


Individual data synchronization errors/conflicts can be viewed and managed via the "Change" button. Alongside the error description, mismatched data is highlighted by having a yellow background. The "iCompMan" section displays the current data in our database and the "Imported data" section shows the data values being imported.

Note: At this stage our registration database has not been updated by the data import routine.




You have the option to either accept the data values being imported or to correct them by using the ie3 buttons.


Note: You can also leave the error record in the Data Import Errors table until you have find out more information if required.


When you are ready to update the iCompMan registrations you have 2 options:


 1. Update existing record - the existing registration record will be replaced with the imported record (data on the right hand site in the blue box).


 2. Add as new identity - the imported record will be added to the database as a new registration identity