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Groups & System Alerts

Groups & System Alerts

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Groups & System Alerts

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This module enables users to send email and/or SMS (mobile text) messages to individuals as well as groups of recipients.  These could be people registered in the system as well as people not know to the system.



Group update form:




Private- no other users can view this group and group member details


Program Alerts- this option is available only to association/governing body user accounts. If selected the group will receive automatic notifications of fixture changes and cancellations as soon as these have been published.


en Masse selection - use this option to select multiple group members from the Register data file


Note:Do not create groups such as "all Under 10 players" etc. This would be time consuming and invariably "out of date" at some point. If you wish to target a specific age group, team etc. then see the various filter options on the Registrations page instead.