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Ground/Field Closures

Ground/Field Closures

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Ground/Field Closures

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Before generating a draw, you can mark in the calendar dates and/or times when a specific ground/field will not be available. You may have a weekend or so when a field is unavailable all together or unavailable for a part of the day. Use the "Ground/Field Closures" option to enter the required information.




Ground/Filed closures can be entered either one at the time (using the "Change" button) or for a multiple fields and dates using the  "Recurring closures" button.

Single closure entry



Whole day- if checked, the field is unavailable for the whole day


Time from/to- the field is unavailable between the nominated times.

 bulb You can enter more than one unavailable time range for a day! In such cases simply create another entry.


Publish on Internet - remove this option of you do not wish the closure to be displayed on Internet in the iCompMan iData page.

Multiple fields and/or dates entry (recurring)