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Fixtures (Draws) - Draws

Fixtures (Draws) - Draws

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Fixtures (Draws) - Draws

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The Fixtures List page gives you access to all Draws in the system. Several data filters are available to narrow the data display as required. You can update individual or multiple fixtures, resolve Draw Generator errors as well as publish/unpublish individual fixtures.




Draw Generator errors/conflicts


When using the Draw Generator, the program marks all "errors" (conflicts) and displays "Err" in the first column. At the same time a short error description is displayed on the bottom of the table.




Draws can be manually edited. Existing draw records can be modified, deleted or new matches can be added.




Auto publish- by default fixtures being added or changed are not published. You can publish them individual by ticjing this option or en masse later using the Publish Fixtures routine


Swap Teams- automatically swaps home/away teams

 Note: No other data is changed by the program!


Fixture Status- fixtures can be postponed to be rescheduled later or cancelled (not to be played)



En Masse Update


Several fixtures can be updated en masse. For example you may have a number of matches which you want to re-schedule to a different date leaving all the other parameters, such as venues and match start times unchanged. Select the corresponding records (see selecting multiple records) and then click the "En Masse Update" button.