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Draw Templates

Draw Templates

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Draw Templates

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User definable "draw generator templates" enable users to override the built-in draw generator team pairing formula. Using your own templates provides you with 100 % control over the way your draws will be generated.


Templates are defined at a generic level, therefore they are not specific to a season or a competition and as such can be re-used every season. Depending on the type of a draw, two template structures are available:


 - Round-Robin

 - Tournament


Round-Robin templates


When creating a Round-Robin draw template only the first "draw cycle" needs to be setup. The number of cycles will determine how many times teams play each other.


For example 2 cycles means that teams will play each other twice. Subsequent cycles/rounds can be generated by the program using the "Create New Cycle" button. Cycle No. 2 will be reversed Cycle No. 1, Cycle No. 3 will be the same as Cycle No. 1 and so on.


It is important that you define draw cycles - see Round Rules for more information.


Tournament templatesdt2


A Tournament template allows you to create a draw format such as Knock-out type of competitions. There is no particular limit as to how you define individual matches. The above screen examples should be self-explanatory.


Tournament template update form: