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Draw Generator

Draw Generator

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Draw Generator

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One of the key functions in the iCompMan© program is the Draw Generator. It generates draws for the nominated Competition based on the data and instructions provided by you. A draw can be generated for the entire competition, i.e. all Age Groups and all rounds, or it can be generated in steps for any given Age Group(s), Division, Round(s) or Date(s). Draws can be re-generated as often as required with various options as to the existing draws and results data.


There always are "exceptions to the rule " which are difficult, if not impossible, to encapsulate in draw rules. The complexity of balancing draws is very high and although the program's draw generator algorithm is rather sophisticated, it also allows you to manually override its default logic.


The fundamental logic built into the Draw Generator is to create a Round-Robin style of draws where teams play each other at least once. The built-in algorithm creates draws for any number of teams in a competition. It is a complex formula so perhaps the most important aspect of it you should understand is the way the program pairs teams.


Let us take a look at a 6 team competition, teams A, B, C, D. E and F. It is obvious that you can pair teams many different ways. For example the first round could look something like this: A v F, B v E, C v D. Actually this is the default way the built-in formula will use. It pairs the first team with the last team, second with the second last and so on. Subsequent rounds pairing follows this paradigm to achieve the desired results.


If the built-in draw generator team pairing formula does not suit you specific requirements you can easily create your own "draw generator templates". Using your own templates gives you with 100 % control over the way your draws come out. You ought to read more about this tool in the Draw Template paragraph. For now it will suffice to say that you can mix your own templates with the built-in draw generator formula when generating draws for several competitions (leagues).


In addition to using your own draw templates you can also define specific overrides prior to the draw generation. See Team Pairs fro more information.



Competition- select a Competition to generate a draw for.


Round From/To- if you want to generate a complete draw accept the defaults. Otherwise enter Rounds range.


From/To Date- if you want to generate a complete draw accept the defaults. Otherwise enter Dates range.


Generate Draw - Do Not Delete previously generated draws

 - this is the default option. Previously generated fixtures will remain unchanged.

                 Note: Only fixtures without results can be deleted!


Delete Draw- all fixtures for the nominated period will be deleted, no fixtures are generated


At the end of a draw generation the program displays draw generation statistics. Fixtures which could not be scheduled are marked as errors/conflicts and will require your attention. You can display draw generator errors in "Fixtures List".