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Registrations import (CSV) - manual transfer

Registrations import (CSV) - manual transfer

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Registrations import (CSV) - manual transfer

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Registrations data can be imported from external systems. In order to be able to import registrations the data source must be in CSV (comma separated value) file format. As most databases and other applications have the capability to export data in CSV format, this should not be a problem.


The data import process comprises of three separate steps.


Step 1 - Import a file.




- Select a Club you are importing data for

- click the "Choose file" (or" Browse" in some browsers) to select the data source file you wish to import

- ensure that the Date Format selected matches your data source file dates format


Step 2 - Create/Select data mapping.


- select or create a data mapping (this tells the program how is the data translated to the iCompMan database


To create a new mapping, click a row from the "Source file". Then find and click the matching row in the "Target file" and finally click the "right" arrow. Repeat this process until you have mapped all the required data columns from the "Source file". If you wish to remove a mapping use the "left" arrow instead.


Don't forget to save your new mapping for future use by clicking the "Save Column Mapping" button.


Data import Options


Skip first record- Use this option if the source data file includes a raw with column headings


Assign new Registration Number- this option applies only if a registration number is not provided


Force unmatched records to errors- registrations which could not be matched to an existing record in iCompMan will go to errors


 Note: we strongly recommend to always select this option

Data synch rules


The "Import" routine applies registration data Synchronization rules. To following data must be provided in the data source file:

- Registration No.

- Surname & Given name


- Registration category.


Note: Data conflicts in the above data will always mark such records as errors.


You can change the behaviour of the data validation routine by setting your preferred rules for the data fields show below.




Step 3 - Click the "Start Import" button.


The program will convert the data from the source file to a temporary database file. If there were errors detected by the validation program, you can see them, and correct them, in the "Data Import Errors" module.