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Registrations - data acceptance

Registrations - data acceptance

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Registrations - data acceptance

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The CompMan iRegister application does not update the main iCompMan database automatically. Instead registrations entered online can be previewed first before being accepted.





1.By default only newly received data will be shown. It is however possible to display all previously accepted online registrations.
2.The “Exported” column will indicate already accepted registrations when displaying “All” – option 1.
3.Normally, a registrar, after having reviewed the data from the CompMan iRegsiter online registration application, will select all records using the “Select all” button and update registrations in iCompMan by using the “Accept selected records” button.



 - It is possible to modify the imported data before accepting it (before updating registrations in iCompMan).

 - It is also possible to remove unwanted registrations from the list before accepting the rest. In such cases use the “Delete” button.

         - When accepting the data from iRegister, the program validates the received data and sends any conflicting records to the Data Import Errors.