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The iCompMan© has been designed to handle multiple competitions during a season. These competitions may be overlapping or they may just follow one after another. Irrespective of the way competitions are scheduled, the program maintains detail information as to the demands on resources, i.e. playing fields commitments and available capacities/time slots among others. Teams can participate in any of the defined competitions.






Draw Type- the Draw Generator recognizes two types of competitions:


 Round Robin

 Teams playing each other at least once using "Home/Away" balancing paradigm.

 The Draw Generator has a build-in generic algorithm which automatically pairs teams. There is no limit as to the number of teams in a grade.

 Instead of using the default algorithm users can create their own "Draw Templates".



 This option allows to create any type of competitions, e.g. elimination, knock-out, finals etc.

 See Tournaments for more details.        


Linked Comp.Suspension Rules as well as Suspensions can be applied across linked competitions are linked


Qualifying Comp.- the option is available only for "Tournament" competitions. It allows you to instruct the system to use teams in the first round of our "tournament" competition based on ranking from another (previous) competition. Such competitions can be therefore defined well ahead before the finish of  the "qualifying" competition.


Ranking Formula- the default ranking formula for this competition. See Tables Formula for details.


Draw Calendar- the default calendar for this competition. You will be able to override the default calendar for individual Age Groups and Divisions.