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A calendar defines when individual rounds will be played. At least one calendar must exist before a draw can be generated. It is quite common to have multiple calendars for one competition. For example, if different age groups start their competitions on different dates, you will have to assign to them different calendars.


By default the Draw Generator will use the calendar assigned to an Age Group unless a different calendar has been assigned to a Division.


To create a new calendar click the"New" button under the "Calendar" table.




Calendar Name- enter a name for the calendar


Start/End date- enter the calendar start and end dates


Match Days- mark the playing weekdays



Click the "Create" button to create a Calendar.


Note:You can edit the calendar detail if necessary. use the update buttons below the Calendar detail table.

Calendar Detail update form:


No Play day- use this option if you wish to mark a "no play" day in the calendar. Example: school holidays


Ground Override- The Ground Override option allows to assign a specific club grounds to be used for all fixtures scheduled for the above date. Only competitions with this "calendar" will be effected.

 Example:        Gala Day - all fixtures to be scheduled on one club's grounds


Renumber Rounds


After making manual changes to a calendar it may be necessary to renumber the rounds. To do so follow these steps:


1. Select the rounds you wish to renumber - see selecting multiple records




2. Click the "Renumber Rounds" button


3. Enter the adjustment value



 We have changed round 6 day to "no play" day. Now we want to change round # 7 to round # 6 and all subsequent rounds accordingly. To achieve this we have enter "-1" value adjustment as shown below.